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Transflectance Kit

Transflectance Kit

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The Transflectance kit is designed for accurate and reliable measurements on liquid samples such as oils, milk, beverages, sugar solutions. and fermentation broths.

In a transflectance measurement, the spectrometer signal is passed through the sample to a diffuse reflector stamp, where it is reflected back through the sample and into the detector. The liquid sample is effectively analyzed in transmission, but in the easy to use and clean reflectance orientation. The optical pathlength is 2X the physical pathlength of the reflector as the light beam passes through the sample twice.

The following parts are included with the NeoSpectra Transflectance kit:

  • Scanner vial adapter
  • 1 Transflectance stamp (select 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, or 5mm optical pathlengths)
  • 8 Sample vials

Additional vials are available in packs of 186 for applications with difficult-to-clean samples where it is preferable to dispose of the vials.

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The NeoSpectra Plaform uses intuitive mobile apps and a secure Cloud Portal to support rapid quality analysis anywhere. The NeoSpectra apps collect data, display results, and synchronize all information back to your private account on the NeoSpectra Cloud.

  • Scanner Advantages

    Wide wavelegth range (1350-2500nm) provides accurate performance on a wide range of parameters.
    No internet required to get instant results in the field.
    One battery charge provides >800 scans for all-day use.

  • Platform Advantages

    World's largest collection of plug and play calibration models.
    Advanced developer tools for use in an organization or offering in the Labstore.
    Safe and secure storage and easy reporting of data on cloud portal.