NeoSpectra Solo – Spectrometer (including 3-year subscription)

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The NeoSpectra Solo is a standalone, compact, and portable, Near- InfraRed (NIR) spectrometer.

The device allows field users to perform material analysis without the need for external devices or. It performs material identification, qualification and quantification of homogeneous and non-homogenous solids and different kinds of liquids.

The device has a 3 mm spot size that is more suitable for homogenous materials. The system operates by measuring the spectral response of the light absorbed by the material of interest in the 1,350 – 2,550 nm spectral range

Samples may be placed directly on the device or within a container on the device. It is designed to be used as a fully self-contained sensing device for applications where reflectance or transflectance measurements are suitable.

The NeoSpectra Broad NIR core technology is based on semiconductor Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) microfabrication techniques promising unprecedented economies of scale, robustness, and consistency between sensors. With its unique features of size, cost, and scalability it can enable new usage models for different application areas.

The NeoSpectra broad NIR analyzer comes with a 3-year access license ($2,700) that enables users to access the NeoCloud developer platform and the NeoModel Lab Store for a wide range of different applications.


  • Full end-to-end solution for material analysis
  • Built-in touch screen integration with NeoSpectra apps & cloud connectivity
  • Smallest FT-IR spectrometer solution
  • Camera for barcode or QR code scanning for sample entry
  • Wide spectral ranges in the extended NIR (λ: 1,350 – 2,550 nm) enables wider range of applications
  • Optional connectivity to PC
  • Low power consumption - can be operated from an external battery